Monday, February 14, 2005

Hey there, Sport!

Saturday was the last regular season basketball game for the Wildcats. Connor's team this year has been one of my favorites. Made up of 3rd-5th graders, this is the team largely composed of misfits that did not even have a coach during the draft. Finally, a few ACU students agreed to coach them led by a young lady named Macy. Well, Saturday they finished the regular season in first place.

Connor is (I'm pretty sure) the youngest kid in the enitre league to play on the "A" squad. He is quite small for his age, but had a great tryout and was highly ranked in the draft. At the beginning of the season he really struggled with his confidence level but as Macy worked with the boys he really came along and became one of our top scorers. Saturday he made a buzzer beater from outside the circle that would have made the whole season, but he has done very well beyond that. As he gets down in the lane for rebounds up against guys that are literally two feet taller than he, he is not at all intimidated but instead becomes a scrapper intent on playing big even if he can't be big. I have been proud of his resolve.

So, this week is the end-of-season tournament. It will no doubt be a barn burner because many of the teams are closely matched, but no matter what I have learned:

- There are some great kids at ACU and I really appreciate the time and effort they sacrificed for these boys.

- Sometimes its better to see big than be big.

- My boy is one of the biggest blessings in my life and whether he is good at sports or not, I love him dearly.

- My days of being able to beat him at basketball are numbered and dwindling quickly.

- Baseball tryouts are in two weeks.

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