Monday, February 07, 2005

Then, back at the truck we take them out of the can and put them in a large flat box. It got a little hairy at this point becase we got 35 snakes and they kept trying to climb out of the box while the boys were putting others in.


K said...

I think I missed something here... You start out with "Then..." Want to send out a prequel that explains WHY?????

Grace, Peace, and a case of the heeby-jeebies.

K said...

OK, I just found the background on your other blog, and I think you are definitely more than a little nuts. Ok, once I stopped screaming like a little girl I decided you were nuts. What a thrill though!


Kendra said...

As I was looking at these pictures, the thought occurred to me that if someone were to think I was a bad mom, it's not going to be because Connor wears shorts when it's cold!! (or because a dresser fell on Addie.)
And yes, I know I'm not popular.

Anonymous said...

You are extremely popular with me.

Kendra said...

Thanks, Val.

RPorche said...

Love the comments between you two. Val--those snakes are big, dude! You should hire Matt Maxwell and create a documentary like something we see on Animal Planet. No, I don't watch that station.