Friday, January 21, 2005


Today as Addie was being a bit of a stinker, Kendra took Addie by the arm and leaned down to get in Addie's face and scold her. When she finished, Addie spoke (surely to verbally process the lesson she had just learned) saying, "When you do that, your nose looks HUGE!" One more failed "teaching moment."


SG said...

Really needed a good laugh tonaight...Thanks! How goes the war wound? I bet the dresser looks a lot worse...right?

Val said...

The dresser was broken in the mishap but has since been repaired. Addie is looking much better, though. Thanks.

K said...

Now that is a story to save and share years down the road. I spit my coffee all over my monister when I read it. Too too too funny!!!

Grace and Peace,