Thursday, January 13, 2005

Events of this week

The funeral is tomorrow in Muleshoe at 3:00. We are going up and back in one day. The most interesting element of this story is the way Kendra's grandpa died. See, he was diagnosed with colon cancer around the same time Kendra's dad was diagnosed with brain cancer but he outlived him by about 2 1/2 years. Then Kendra's grandma died earlier this year, but he never really understood that and kept asking where she was and when she would be back. On Sunday, the nursing home staff began preparing his room for a new roommate and the loss of his wife clicked with him. That night he went to bed and did not wake up. He was in a coma until Wednesday when he passed away. He was cowboy to the core and a sweet man.

Addie is starting to be a little more proud of her battle scars, but recoiled at the thought of going with Michal Kate to show her teacher after school. Kendra asked her why and she said she was annoyed because "everybody keeps blessing my heart." Kendra tried to explain what that meant, but that's something that seems to get lost in the translation to a five year-old. The doctor today said that it was entirely possible for bruising that severe to take as long as six months for complete absorption. She is starting to step over the line for milking it and I thought I would let it pass, but six months? I'll just ask her to put on a ski mask before I try to scold her.


K said...

My first thought when I saw her pictures was "Bless her heart." Oooops. :)
The ski mask made me giggle. I received a black eye when I was a little girl. It lasted many months. I had gotten in trouble for something completely different and my mom actually made me turn around before she told me to go to my room.
...hmmm... yep... still gotta do it...

Grace and Peace,

Kyle said...

We were sorry to hear about your loss. As we drove back from Red River a couple weeks ago, I remembered the way that Muleshoe surrounded your family at your father's service. I was blessed that morning to see the influence of a lifetime filled with so many small acts of kindness and love. Wish we could be with you.

the Dicksons