Thursday, January 27, 2005

Here we go...

Kendra and I had Connor to ourselves last night for a quick stop at Whataburger. A routine thing we do with the kids is ask them questions about their day- what was the best thing, the worst thing, how did you help someone, did you accidently eat a bug. You know, the standard fare. Anyway, when the subject of the worst thing came up, Connor was quick with an answer. He told us how he had told his buddy, Blake, how the worst thing had happened to him but he didn't want to talk about it. Blake said if Connor would tell him and it really was a bad thing, Blake would give Connor $2.

"Well," Connor said. "Emily told me that her mom thinks I'm cute and that she should like me."

"Dude," said Blake. "I owe you $2."

I thought that was hilarious. Let me clarify, Emily's mom is very sweet and always comments to us how Connor is polite and intelligent. The whole thing was very innocent, but revolting to a 9 year-old boy. We told him that his opinion would change soon.

"Come on! I'm NINE! I've got, like, 62 years before I have to worry about this stuff!"

If only...

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