Friday, February 04, 2005

Reality Check

Our son Connor is what you might call "hot-natured." He wears clothes for the rest of us, but I doubt he really wants to. At night, no matter the season, he is shirtless and in boxers. Even on cold days he wants to wear shorts to school. On one particularly cold day he and Kendra were arguing this point. He insisted that he simply does not feel cold wearing shorts.

"But Connor," Kendra said. "If people at school see you wearing shorts on a really cold day they are going to think I'm a bad mom."

"Um," he said, looking on her with pity. "Do you really think you're that popular or somethin'?"

Editors Note: My wife is the best mom and the most popular person in our house, no matter what Connor might think.


Susie said...

LOL--I think my son and I had the same conversation. Only I think after the popular comment, I may have added, "Okay, well they will think you don't have good sense." LOL.

K said...

Connor sounds just like my son Gabe. I believe one of the many wonderful reasons God made Gabe exactly the way he did was to keep me humble (talk about taking God's gifts and living them to the fullest!)

Grace and Peace,

Jenni said...

My mom used to tell me that I made her cold b/c I like to walk around barefoot - even in the winter. As I've gotten older, I am much colder natured, but I still prefer bare feet.