Friday, November 18, 2005

Hey! If you happen to see the most beautiful girl...


Who would have thought that this little blonde beauty that I met at church camp twenty something years ago tomorrow would still be a hot blonde beauty this many years later? And yet, she obviously is. But here are some things you might not have known about her in no particular order.

1. She is absolutely addicted to Diet Cokes.
2. She is extremely patient.
3. She is a terrific mom.
4. Her left buttock gets sore when she goes bowling.
5. She is very frightened of rodents.
6. She was once convinced that Crystal Wolfe (a former local news
anchor) was a dwarf. (That may have been my fault.)
7. She is now suspicious of things I tell her.
8. She is extraordinarily calm.
9. She is underconfident about her voice.
10. She loves children and is one of their best advocates.
11. She can still do flips on the trampoline.
12. She is gracious.
13. She likes to watch TLC.
14. She exceeds all expectations when she takes on volunteer projects.
15. She is brave.
16. She really loves babies.
17. She is competitive.
18. She refuses to go along with the crowd.
19. She is fiscally responsible.
20. She saved my life once when I fell asleep driving.
21. She likes reading blogs but she's not too crazy about writing them.
22. She is a wonderful teacher.
23. She really enjoys Harry Potter books.
24. She takes more baths than anyone I know.
25. She was volunteer of the year last year at Austin Elementary. (I'm
gonna pay for that one.)
26. She absolutely loves naps.
27. She deserves better, but never complains.
28. She is an encourager.
29. She is both quiet and well-spoken.
30. She is poised.
31. She would do anything for our kids.
32. She is generous.
33. She is fun.
34. She loves Jesus.

There is so much more one could say about her, but I'll stop at that number for some reason.


Jenni said...

Happy Birthday, Kendra!!

Kendra said...

She is fiscally responsible, except for all the money she spends on Diet Cokes and at Target.

She thinks that if her husband enjoyed a good nap every now and then, he might not fall asleep at the wheel.

She can never remember being brave.

She cannot believe she was ever dumb enough to believe that Crystal Wolfe was a dwarf.

She is patient and calm because of the many baths, naps and Diet Cokes.

She loves her husband.


By the way, I know we disagree on when we actually met at camp, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't twenty something years ago tomorrow!

DJG said...

I'm not sure, do we share a birthday? Mine is today the 19th. And it must be a Scorpio thing, I am totally addicted to Diet Coke!

Happy Birthday.

Kendra said...

Happy Birthday DJG! My birthday is actually the 20th, but if I lived closer to you, we could still celebrate together over a diet coke.

Val said...

Yes, I misspoke. Her birthday is tomorrow. We did not meet 20ish years ago tomorrow. It was after midnight, after all. That's one more reason to love her. She is the long-suffering wife of an idiot, bless her.

SG said...

Just barely made it...Happy Birthday Kendra!!! Now that you are older and wiser do you think you could blog more often??? I miss chatting with you! :)

elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday, Kendra, from one Diet Coke/bath addict to another!

What is with Diet Coke? Either people hate it or they are addicted. There must be some drug in it!

Jennifer said...

Well, I'll say that I'm a Scorpio and I definitely don't do Diet Coke. I'll vouch for the fact that Kendra definitely does, though. I'll also vouch for a whole bunch of other stuff on this list...except for this bowling thing. Kendra, you have been such an incredible blessing in my life, and on the really tough days of teaching, I remember my time with you and know that it can only get better! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!