Thursday, May 12, 2005

Jeremiah was a Pollywog First

Today, as a bribe, Addie was promised a treat if she agreed to a haircut. She agreed and chose, believe it or not, tadpoles. Unless you have shopped for tadpoles lately, they are apparently rather exclusive- only sold at the most high-end amphibian boutiques in places other than Abilene. The pet shops were no help. Then I had an idea and we called a bait shop.

"Yeah, we got 'em," said a voice that even over the phone was obviously not encumbered by teeth getting in the way.

Addie and I walked in, immediately looking out of place among the typical bait shop patrons, and asked for the tadpoles. A man took us to a tank and reached in with a net and proceeded to take out five of the biggest tadpoles I had ever seen. I was convinced that they were yesterday's catch o' the day and they were playing a trick on the city slicker until I saw tiny legs in formation on a few of them. Although they were large enough to steal my truck, I decided their legs would need another day or two to operate the pedals so I took a chance. The guy told me what to feed them (surprisingly not chicken fried steak) and sent us on our way. The little home Addie had chosen for them looked more than a tad (rimshot) too small and we dug up a large aquarium instead. I have already told the kids that as soon as one croaks (the out loud kind of croak) they will be heading to:

1) a wilderness release at the ranch or whatever body of water is nearby the home of someone who made me mad. Apparently bullfrogs can be quite loud.

2) a game of real-life Frogger on the Winter's Freeway.

3) a high school biology class.

4) a French restaurant.


5) a princess convention.

If you have a better idea, I'd love to hear it. But I don't plan for them to be here very long, so get hoppin'.


Kendra said...

Another interesting part of the story are the names given to the tadpoles (2 of which have already croaked - the dead kind): Corn Dog, Emily Doufit, Llama Spit, Sarah and Kimmy Gibler.

May Corn and Kimmy rest in peace.

SG said...

My husband and I both got some good chuckles reading this! What in the world made her think of a polywog? That is just priceless! RIP Corn & Kimmy!

Candy said...
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Candy said...

Good one! My personal favorite is Llama Spit. I see a long future for a frog with a name like that. I used to love tadpoles when I was a kid. We had a pond and it was amazing how many showed up in there. I wasn't so wild about them when they became frogs and my brothers would put them in my face.

Vance said...


You can ship them to me. Our little fish pond seems to always have a few frogs and we're used to new things arriving. Our neighbor always puts the goldfish his son wins at the different carnivals/fairs in our little pond. So far the oldest one has been with us for two years. :-)

Jennifer said...

I tried to email you and Jana at your school email addresses, but it came back to me. This is the second time it's happened. If you don't mind, e-mail me and let me know what they are so that I can get them right in my address book!

Thanks! Only 10 more days! Woohoo!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness it is just like first steps we are missing so much. It makes me laugh and sad at the same time.