Wednesday, January 12, 2005

She's pretty tough, though.


SG said...

OUCH!!! Poor her! I think she gets the prize for brusier of the year and the year is only 12 days old! Has she seen a doctor? Why is it that they always get hurt when we were "just right there"? Chin up Mom and Dad, this type thing happens to all of us!

Jenni said...

Wow! Looks like she's lucky to not have broken that cheekbone!

Buster said...

For those wanting an update on Addie, here it is:

She proudly came to class Wed. night, shiner and all even wearing a tye-dyed shirt to match. The shiner looks better on a smiling face. Prettiest shiner I've ever seen!

To hear that she came to see Buster melted me.

Kim Quile asked me a week ago where I was teaching (hanging out, really) this year. I told her 3's Wed. and 4-5's Sun., she said "God bless you for that." I thought, he does every Wed. & Sun. Especially when my Addikins shows up.

Thanks for bringing her for me.


Kendra said...

Buster ~ Val & I were talking about you just last night. As we were talking about how wonderful you are with kids, what a big servant heart you have, how you are a blessing to the children's ministry, how you make our kids feel truly special, etc., the thought occurred to us that we should tell you how we feel instead of keeping it to ourselves. So you know. Buster (or as Addie says - Bustah) is king at our house!

Buster said...

Blessed Again!

A Teary Eyed Thanks,