Thursday, December 30, 2004

Family Life

I have been home much of the last week or so with occasional trips into the office. It has been great riding bikes with the kids and seeing some movies together. Today as I was going through the den Dr. Phil was talking to a family with monster children (including a 4 year-old who cussed like a sailor) and I really thought about how I appreciate my kids. They're just cool and so much fun to be around. They aren't very outgoing, so many people may not actually know how great they are, but Kendra and I do and we know we are blessed. They are the best thing I have ever been a part of.

Today Connor and I went to Lowe's and then to see "National Treasure." I know there are flaws in it because I saw some. Nevertheless, I loved it! It was fun and clean and exciting. It gives me hope for the future of movies. I read recently how Disney is going to very obviously suffer in the coming months and years because their animation department has really faltered in recent years and the relationship of saving grace they had enjoyed with Pixar is coming to a somewhat disagreeable end. In light of that, the writer of this article thought that live-action family fare was going to be the new emphasis. If that means more movies like "Nat'l Treasure," I think that is cool. It is the kind of movie that adults will enjoy as well as kids without having to endure some of the mind-numbing elements often present in kids' movies. I grew up in a household where boycotting was encouraged. I never completely bought into all of that, but if it is remotely true, it seems we should also support the positive choices we have even if they are products of companies with a checkered past. I am not always an optimist, but sometimes positive re-imforcement might work.

Coming this weekend, a trip to Muleshoe for a Christmas gathering with Kendra's mother's family. They are great people, but they are all huge and all involved in ranching or agriculture. I don't exactly fit. "Looks like I picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue..." (Airplane)

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