Wednesday, July 06, 2005

All-Star Tournament Game 3

We lost our game last night to Snyder. My mind has blocked out the score, but suffice it to say, it wasn't even close. I'm not really sure what happened, because I think we were the better team. Many of the boys had a great game, but we had a few errors at pivotal points in the game that we couldn't seem to overcome. We also went through 4 pitchers and never really got into a groove as far as pitching goes. Connor had an amazing game and although I know I'm biased as his mom (I'm supposed to be, right?!), I think others would agree. All of our boys should be proud of their abilities. We truly had a very talented team.

I'd also like to thank our coaches Trey Yarbrough, Brad Cranford and Matt McMillon. I doubt any of them read this blog, but regardless I want them and others to know that they are greatly appreciated. They remained professional and postive throughout the season. All the boys learned a lot and had a blast doing it. Thanks to the coaches for making the boys feel respected, important and talented.

Now, we get a 4 day break from baseball before summer league starts on the 10th. Summer League is a little more laid back. There is only one practice, then a game every night for 2 weeks straight. All players play an equal amount of time and get to try all positions. We are still looking for coaches if anyone is interested :)

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